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How Mylio Photos’ new editing features will save you time in 2023

Make sure you take advantage of the latest upgrades to Mylio Photos which will help declutter your image library, save hard drive space and get organised.

By Stephan Jukic | Last Updated: January 28, 2023

Mylio Photos has undergone numerous recent improvements for its users.

This means that those who sign up in 2023 can look forward to a range of editing features and tweaks that make this extremely powerful photo-organizing platform better than ever.

Currently, Mylio Photos offers an extremely robust and versatile photo culling and organizing platform.

This lets you sort, categorize and share your photos and documents across multiple devices with extreme ease and uses AI functionality to streamline its accuracy.

The platform also features an excellent set of features that let you create a memory slideshow of select photos to which you can add specific effects and your own custom music.

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In addition to these, Mylio Photos continues to offer plugin-based connectivity with the Adobe photo editing platform Lightroom Classic.

This lets you work between the two apps to edit your images in Lightroom while organizing them with Mylio Photos.

Now Mylio Photos’ own image editing features have been improved and added to as well.

With the latest version of the application, users can not only organize and categorize their images easily, but they can also effectively edit them better within Mylio Photos itself.

Photo DeClutter, Swipe Culling and Quick Review Mode

Before you move on to editing your better photos, you need to first sort them from the chaff of weak compositions, overexposed shots, duplicate shots and too many similar photos from things like burst sequences.

For all of these situations, Mylio Photos offers some very helpful, extremely user-friendly tools across all your device versions of the app.

We’ve already covered Mylio Photos’ DeDupe tool in a previous article. This lets you quickly sniff out all the identical and unnecessary copies of your photos to erase them to clear up space.

Well, in addition to this, Mylio Photos has more recently also added its new DeClutter tool that offers somewhat similar functionality.

Unlike Photo DeDupe, Photo DeClutter lets you easily group together all similar photos based on groupings by camera type, time taken and even aspect ratios.

With all these photos before you, you can then flag the ones you want to keep or reject.

Mylio Photos, Photo DeClutter

There’s actually an updated feature called “Flags” specifically for doing this, which lets you tag photos with little flags for keeping (flags with a tick mark) or rejecting (flags with an X mark) them.

Mylio Photos’ QuickReview Mode offers a similar sort of functionality for rejecting or keeping images in the platform’s mobile version.

mylio photos mobile app screenshot quick review

With QuickReview, you can swipe quickly through hundreds of photos in your synced folders with the platform, and for any images you want to flag as rejections, you simply swipe left on them to mark them with an X flag.

QuickReview can be enabled any time you enter your Mylio Photos mobile app by tapping on the three dots at the top right of the mobile app’s interface and then tapping QuickReview from the menu options that appear.

After you’ve selected a number of photos for rejection and flagged them, you can have Mylio Photos hide them from your picture library to minimize clutter by rejects or keep them visible.

You can also set Mylio Photos to remove rejected photos en masse from whole folders or drives.

mylio photos mobile app screenshot

Now that we’ve covered the essentials of removing outright photo rejects in Mylio Photos, let’s cover some key features for editing the photos you want to keep in the app for future workflow.

Offline Editing, Social Media Photo Downloads and Sync with Mylio Photos

One of the best things about editing your images with Mylio Photos is that the application lets you have the fundamental ability to edit photos while traveling or offline.

You can edit through your mobile device or laptop while offline, knowing that those changes will be saved inside the app for the next time you obtain network connectivity.

This aspect of Mylio Photos lets you save time on edits and photo organization simply because you can take care of the work anytime and anywhere without worrying about immediate connectivity.

mylio photos mobile screenshot

Somewhat related to this is another feature that many social media users might find useful: Mylio Photos lets you download the photo content of your Instagram and Facebook accounts and save them inside Mylio Photos.

Thus, while you are connected via mobile or desktop device, you can download images from these social networks, edit them or just keep them there.

You’ll then have access to these images on an edit-friendly platform anywhere once they’ve synced through your other Mylio Photos app versions.

It’s worth mentioning that Mylio Photos’ own editing features for photos are also much better than those of Instagram or Facebook for photo retouching and modification.

Nondestructive Editing

Finally, one of the best things about editing your images with Mylio Photos is that the application lets you do this non-destructively.

It does this similarly to how Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop handle the same process by saving untouched originals while you edit.

In other words, you can apply any desired edits to any images you choose and set Mylio Photos to keep the originals intact and unmodified for future reference and use. Your edited photos can then be synced across your devices through the Mylio Photos app.

New and important editing features in Mylio Photos include professional image manipulation tools for improved edit quality. These have all been refined further for 2023.

Among the features now working at optimum functionality are the application’s Vignette tool, which lets you add a focal point, tools for superior tone and color adjustment and an eye dropper tool for enhancing white balance and color.

Expanded Color Space Editing

The image quality improvements in Mylio Photos include 16-bit and ProPhotoRGB color space editing.

With this, image quality can be enhanced from pretty much any camera, and if you’re working with RAW files, you can customize their settings for better exporting.

The app’s histogram stays open now too. This lets you stay on the page while using editing tools so that you can consistently track your nondestructive editing work without distractions.

mylio desktop app screenshot

Eyedropper Tool

Exposure and color control with the eyedropper levels in Mylio Photos makes it easier to adjust levels independently or change colors and contrast at the same time. The exposure and contrast control features even apply to Red Green and Blue areas in a photo.

Improved Vignette Tool

Mylio Photos’ improved Vignette tool lets you create a focal point for your photos and set smooth darkening effects along the edges of objects in focus. It also includes the ability to change photo shape, rotation and specifically comes with a Choose Subject button.

Mylio Photos desktop screenshot

Fixing Scanned Photos

Mylio Photos has also created a new auto-enhancement feature for digitized scans of physical prints, negatives and slides.

With the app’s capacity for editing scanned images, you can invert and color-correct film negatives or slides and you can also enhance worn or faded images with the app’s AutoEnhance and AutoColor buttons.

mylio photos screenshot

It’s worth noting that all of the above features for editing photos apply to Mylio Photos whether you’re working from a mobile device or your desktop/laptop computer. What’s more, any edits made to images rapidly sync across all your Mylio instances on other devices.

This makes the app useful for editing, organizing and generally managing photos of all kinds, either from drives, social media accounts, digitized scans and other sources across multiple devices with solid privacy backing up your work.

The Mylio Photos application with all of the above built into it is available for subscription here.

Once you create an account with Mylio Photos in its desktop version, you can then access stored, compressed versions of your computer drive and other images for editing and sharing through the mobile version of Mylio Photos.

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