Next generation AI photo retouch tool launches with affordable credit based pricing

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The company Evoto AI has launched new photo retouching tools that leverage the latest in AI technology to help photographers and other creators rapidly edit and modify their photos.

The new tool features an affordable credit-based pricing schematic for users, letting them use a series of AI tools that promise powerful editing effects for advanced workflows.

According to Evoto, “adding cutting-edge effects has never been so easy”.

The Evoto AI photo editing tool comes with a range of features for editing and retouching photos individually or en masse.

The first of these is Evoto’s Portrait Retouching system, which lets users retouch photos quickly with minor effects or with general modifications.

This particular part of the Evoto platform includes “precise” face detection that incorporates age-related facial characteristics and gender. With these detected and accounted for, the tool can be used to rapidly remove imperfections in skin or to enhance a glow effect on the skin of subjects with any type of skin tone and texture.

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The portrait retouching tools also include features for facial sculpting, body reshaping and even for adding realistic digitized makeup to faces that had none at all when captured on camera.

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Evoto AI’s platform has also been given color editing features that let users make specific adjustments to different color and scenery elements in their photos.

These include basics such as brightening and darkening, contrast enhancement and color saturation gradients. They can be used to modify exposure, white balance and specialized color correction functions for specific parts of a photo.

These functions for color corrections can also be applied to human faces and human skin in case you need to modify the way either looks.

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Another feature that Evoto AI comes with is background adjustment features. These are designed to let users streamline their workflows with photos for maximum efficiency.

Most notably, Evoto AI’s background adjustment technology lets users partially automate background replacement in their photos by presetting specific backdrops they want to have in place and switching to them, or other choices with just a single click.

Backgrounds can be removed or added without having to use masking tools and multiple background options are already included with the Evoto AI editing platform.

evoto photo editing AI software screenshot

Evoto AI’s designers have also packed the software with a selection of retouching tools that let users edit photos much more quickly than if they had to adjust them manually.

These presets remove much of the manual task work around specific types of photography scenarios such as weddings, baby and child photos, maternity images and family event photos among others.

Evoto AI’s software is designed to handle both individual photo edits and batch retouching and adjustment needs. The software platform lets you select specific objects and characteristics in photos that you want to adjust and then intelligently applies presets to these spots.

photo syncing

A user can of course save presets for certain types of photos and the platform also allows syncing of saved edits across different devices to avoid loss of previous workflows while using a different device.

Evoto’s access and pricing model is also rather unique in being credit-based. To help photographers get started with its software, the company offers a trial plan that offers 5 free credits for 5 photos on one device.

These credits then let subscribers try all of the platform’s editing and photo retouching tools for all 5 trial photos for a feel of how the platform can fit their needs. This trial access plan doesn’t require a credit card.

For anyone happy enough with the Evoto AI platform’s functionality, the company’s Professional Plan is the next subscription step. 

The Professional Plan is priced attractively with both monthly and annual payment plan options that offer full photo editing credits for 1,200, 3,600, 9,000, or more different shots. Users can also set custom photo credit quantities.

One credit applies to one photo and the average price per credit under Evoto’s pricing system is roughly 6 cents. 

Users who want to edit more photos can subscribe to the Professional plan while setting variable quantities of photos they’d need to use Evoto AI for. This changes the pricing of monthly and annual payments accordingly.

Evoto AI’s Professional plan features all of the platform’s editing tools and lets users sign in from up to two desktop devices at the same time. Any credits not used in a given month roll over to the next month.

Evoto doesn’t clarify what happens with credits left unused by the end of a year’s subscription for users who pay into an annual plan.

Evoto AI also offers a Team plan with all of the features of the Pro plan but with the inclusion of additional administrative tools, a “collaborative workspace” and a customer success manager. This plan comes with custom pricing based on customer consultation.

Essentially, Evoto AI is designed for a very broad range of photographer editing needs.

Professional photographers, businesses and individual users who want to start their subscription to the Evoto AI platform can sign up at the company’s website for one of its affordably and flexibly priced plans. 

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