Want to watch something entertaining and informative about the latest photography news and camera equipment-related stories? Enjoy our bite-sized Web Stories which we'll keep creating and publishing each week. If you have something you want to see and hear, get in touch and we'll put something fun together for you.

Latest Web Stories

Google for Creators did something great when they launched Web Stories - a neat new visual medium, entirely web-based, allowing creators to host and create their own content.

Here on Shotkit, we'll be publishing new Web Stories each week to entertain and inform you about interesting things that are happening in the photography industry. Occasionally we'll discuss the latest camera or lens releases, or take a look at some popular photography techniques, and we've also got some in-depth original research articles which we'll be breaking down for you into bite-sized content.

Web Stories are a great way to include all types of visual (and audio) multimedia to our audience, in a way that's more appropriate for smartphone users. While Web Stories can be viewed on a tablet or desktop, we recommend you use your phone!

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