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Latest News Stories

photo of nikon z50
Nikon Gives its Z50 Eye-detect AF for video in new Firmware Update
January 26, 2023
photo of fujifilm s-x10 camera
Fujifilm to Release S-X10 replacement with 40MP sensor in April?
January 25, 2023
satellite photo of shore and city
This Digital Service Lets you take satellite photos of anywhere on Earth
January 25, 2023
photo of canon EOS camera on mount
More Clever Patents from Canon: A New Type of Sensor?
January 24, 2023
photo of banned artwork
Meta Finally Set to Remove Nipple Censorship
January 24, 2023
canon r5 camera shutter and controls
Canon has Patented a vibrating Lens Shutter, here’s Why
January 22, 2023
ocean on foggy day
One of the Ocean’s Rarest Creatures Captured on Video off Japan
January 21, 2023
Nikon super-telephoto lens being used
These are Nikon’s updates to 4 of its Super-telephoto lenses
January 20, 2023
photo of leica m6 camera on table
Why Leica’s resurrection of the M6 35mm camera is great
January 20, 2023
fujifilm camera with lcd screen extended
Fujifilm Issues Urgent download warning for its own camera firmware
January 19, 2023
getty images photo recreated by stable diffusion
Getty Images Sues Makers of Stable Diffusion over AI-photos
January 18, 2023
evoto ai logo and images
Next generation AI photo retouch tool launches with affordable credit based pricing
January 18, 2023
photo of Sony FE 20-70mm zoom lens
Sony Unveils “New Concept” FE 20-70mm F4 G standard zoom lens
January 18, 2023
leica camera with voighlander lens
Cosina reveals several new Leica M-mount and Nikon Z-mount lenses
January 18, 2023
image of lens patent diagrams
Meet Sigma’s Three New Telephoto Lens Patents
January 16, 2023
photo of wedding arrangements
Photographer goes viral with fixed-price lifetime photo package
January 15, 2023
photo of popocatepetl volcano and ufo
Couple Captures Photo of “UFO” Above Erupting Mexican Volcano
January 14, 2023
Twitter logo
Twitter Might Soon Launch “Coins” for photographers and creators
January 14, 2023
great white shark
Drone photographer applauded as hero for his shark warning
January 13, 2023
photo of fujifilm x-h2s camera
Fujifilm Improves AI tracking in X-H2S With New Firmware Update
January 13, 2023

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