Nikon Gives its Z50 Eye-detect AF for video in new Firmware Update

photo of nikon z50

For owners of the Nikon Z50 camera who love to use their device for capturing video, Nikon’s newest firmware update is a useful thing to get.

The newest download for the camera gives it eye-detect AF for video recording and is available for free from Nikon’s software download page as firmware version 2.40 for the Z50.

Other details of the new update include an improved refresh rate for focus points on the sensor in live view during shooting, or while using subject tracking and eye-detection AF.

The firmware update is a welcome addition to this slightly older camera model, which was originally released in October of 2019 but still carries its own weight as a solid shooter.

The Z50 was Nikon’s first-ever Z-mount APS-C mirrorless model and aside from being very affordably priced, it’s an excellent beginner’s camera with solid specs.

Among these are a 20.9MP sensor, 11fps continuous shooting, 4K 24p video recording and a rotating LCD screen that can turn 180 degrees.

The Z50 is also generally small, easy to lug around and useful for field shooting on the fly, be it video or photos that you need.

image of nikon z50

Most importantly for today’s social media-dominated world, the Z50 is a superb vlogging camera for users who don’t want to spend too much on newer models.

It also does a superb job of capturing nature and street photo compositions, particularly because of its light, discreet design.

Nikon happens to be a brand that likes to keep even its older cameras up-to-date with new firmware updates. One notable example of this is a recent firmware release for the D850, a camera that’s now 6 years old and in many ways behind the loop of today’s better designs.

For the D850, the brand recently released firmware for a new Portrait Impression Balance function that exists in much newer Nikon camera models.

Other camera brands have been less on the ball with doing the same for their older camera models. Sony is a notable example of this, but it’s not alone in leaving its older camera editions in the dark for new software tweaks.

In any case, if you own a Nikon Z50 and want to enjoy a few more useful features, go visit Nikon’s firmware site and grab your own copy of the software.

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