Fujifilm to Release S-X10 replacement with 40MP sensor in April?

photo of fujifilm s-x10 camera

Fujifilm definitely has things to announce in April, and we think one of them might be the impending release of a replacement for the S-X10 camera, possibly with a 40MP sensor.

The brand’s next X-Summit is coming up in April and it’s typically an event in which this celebrated brand unveils its latest and best camera tech for the rest of the year.

What we do know is that Fujifilm will be announcing at least one new camera for this year’s event, and it’s very possible that it might be the X-S20. This would be the successor to Fuji’s current S-X10 model, which was released roughly two years ago.

What the S-X10 managed was to deliver a compact body that’s easy to carry around but with lots of features and photographic power. This is something that Fujifilm, excels at. However, after a couple of years, it would be good to see a replacement version.

The S-X10 also happens to be quite affordable, making it a useful option for novice photographers who want quality technology to back up their first efforts.

 A successor S-X20 model will undoubtedly cost more than the $999 current price of the S-X10, but it’s very likely to compensate for this with wholly new features and sensor size.

In fact, one of its rumored specs is a new APS-C sensor that offers a 40MP resolution similar to that of the recently-released X-H2 APS-C camera from the same brand.

Despite being an APS-C model, the X-H2 delivers a 40.2MP resolution that the S-X20 will very possibly also feature if unveiled in April.

The X-H2 is however a fairly pricey shooter, and the S-X20 will almost certainly cost a fair bit less. So, we can’t be sure if the former’s sensor size will feature in a rumored S-X10 successor.

In any case, the S-X10 was an excellent camera for its price and in general, and many have considered it to be one of the best Fujifilm cameras recently released.

This makes a potential S-X20 one very interesting prospect for budget photographers who want great specs at a decent price.

If it does get announced, other features we’re hoping to see in Fujifilm’s S-X20 include having the 40MP sensor be an X-Trans back-side illuminated (BSI) edition and the presence of an X Processor 5 engine. Both of these technologies exist in Fuji’s superb X-H2 and X-T5 camera models.

The S-X10 was light on physical dials and other external controls, but this wasn’t much of a problem considering the quality of the photos it captures. Hopefully, a possible S-X20 does even better, even if it’s also light on external controls.

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