6 month birthday photo ideas

Photo Ideas for 6-Month Birthday Photoshoots at Home & Outside

Wondering what you should do for your 6-month-old's birthday? Create some unique memories with one of these great 6-months photoshoot ideas.

By Jeff Collier

Scrolling through social media, it seems parents are getting more and more creative with 6-month birthday photo ideas.

You can hop on board this trend of monthly baby photos as a great way to mark milestones and update family and friends on their growth.

After all, your little one’s first year of life will go by in a flash, and photos are the best way to capture these precious moments.

I personally love taking baby pictures, as there’s so much room for creativity to achieve super cute images to cherish forever.

I focus on finding the right background, pose, and natural lighting for a successful baby photo shooting session.

In this guide, I’ll give you some great 6-month birthday photo ideas to inspire your next photoshoot.

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6-Month Birthday Photoshoot Ideas: at Home

Idea 1: Mirror photos

Credit: владимир-васильев

A beautiful little baby looking into a mirror makes for amazing 6-month images.

I like to photograph little ones with vintage mirrors and soft fabrics and/or flowers surrounding them.

Mark baby’s growth in the first year by propping them up in front of a secure mirror frame.

Get the shot as they stare at themselves in the mirror with a smile.

If the mirror is sturdy enough, lay it down flat to capture a different angle, too.

Mirror pictures can be taken inside the home or in the backyard on a picnic blanket to make use of natural light.

See our guide to reflection photography for more ideas.

Idea 2: Cake smash

Credit: Vicki Yde

Food-inspired baby photoshoot ideas are super fun and an easy way to make babies smile.

It may get a little messy, but cake makes for some of the cutest 6-month photo sessions!

You don’t need to wait for their full first-year milestone to get them a colorful cake and snap some pics of them digging in and enjoying a sweet treat.

In terms of props, look for a cake stand or plate so the delicious dessert details can be captured in photos.

Food photos like this are a great opportunity for parents and siblings to sneak in a few family shots.

Just remember to have a bib and a change of clothes on hand.

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Idea 3: Family pet photos

Credit: Sarah Chai

If you have a furry friend that’s comfortable around children, why not get them involved in monthly baby pictures?

Puppies and kittens are an obvious choice, but little lambs, goats, and cows are other possibilities for 6-month baby portraits with family pets.

As long as your baby is familiar with the pet and you trust the animal, you should be able to capture some lovely photos of the pair.

When shooting these pics, just keep in mind you’ll need to get the attention of the child and pet at the same time.

Toys, treats, and voice commands should help you get plenty of cute and cuddle pictures.

Check out these pet photography tips for some fun ideas.

Idea 4: Bubble fun

Credit: Prisha Gautam

Blow bubbles inside or out for an easy 6-month birthday photoshoot at home.

Bubbles are used in a lot of popular baby photoshoot ideas, whether you go for a grassy outdoor backdrop or bathtime fun.

By blowing bubbles directly into the frame or using a bubble machine, you can get the perfect shot of a curious, happy baby.

I love this 6-month baby picture style because you can recreate it with more bubbles on their first, second, third, and fourth birthdays!

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6-Month Birthday Photoshoot Ideas: Out and About

Idea 1: Baby gym

Credit: Lisa Fotios

A 6-month baby picture inspired by activity and movement is a great way to document their growth and development.

Photo shooting at a baby gym gives you colorful backdrops and safe surroundings for little ones learning to crawl.

Snap a photo of your child propped up, laying down, and on the move.

It’s a good idea to add in some extra toys and props for optimal engagement throughout the photo session.

A little 6-month sign and a baby dumbbell will complete this adorable baby picture.

Idea 2: Barnyard

Credit: Dejan Grujevski

Let your little cowboy or cowgirl shine in a Wild West-inspired photoshoot for their 6-month milestone.

Find a safe barn space to use and consider how you want to dress your baby up. A cowboy hat and overalls combo is pretty tough to beat!

One of my favorite ideas for the barn involves propping the child on a hay bale to capture natural textures and a classic look.

If you have a saddle handy, you could get a fabulous baby picture of them riding in style – just on the hay, of course!

A barn space is great for a family portrait and pictures with animals, too.

Idea 3: Pumpkin patch/orchard

Credit: Derek Owens

This picture idea depends on the time of year, but you can’t go wrong with photo shooting at a family-friendly pumpkin patch or apple orchard.

Mark six months with your baby by posing them on the ground in front of colorful pumpkins and gourds.

It’s a lovely idea for early autumn or Halloween, as you can complement the main props with darling orange accessories from Etsy or another baby shop.

Fresh vegetables and fruit may also come in handy for a fun and natural photo session.

Otherwise, a springtime baby picture with blooming flowers will look great, too.

Idea 4: Outdoor tub

Credit: валерия-шкода

If your child loves to splash around and doesn’t mind being wet, an old-fashioned outdoor tub should work wonders for their 6-month picture.

The classic tub style provides a great prop for shooting milestone photos in a natural setting, such as a local park or beach.

Add some bubbles or balloons to the frame and watch as your little angel smiles brightly for the camera.

If you want to try something other than a bubble bath, perhaps a chocolate bath with marshmallows will do the trick. You may even want to try some milk bath photography!

Just make sure your little one isn’t allergic to chocolate before filling the bath with a mixture of chopped dark chocolate and heated milk.

Tips for Photographing 6-9 Month Babies

Tip 1: Schedule photos after sleep and food

Credit: Pixabay

Photo shooting when little children are tired and hungry is very challenging.

Especially with a 6-month baby who is more active, they will need ample rest and food before taking photos.

Schedule your session for after feeding and naptime so they can be cute and content during photos.

Tip 2: Use toys for attention

Credit: Tatiana Syrikova

An interesting squeaky toy is a great way to capture baby’s attention and get them to smile or laugh during photos and videos.

Although both moms and dads may be tempted to get involved, it’s best for just one person to use toys and words to make the baby smile for the camera.

The photographer should be in charge of the toy and baby prompts.

See here for some newborn props for photoshoots.

Tip 3: Prioritize safety in every pose

Credit: Pixabay

Keep everyone happy by making sure the photo location and poses are safe and secure.

For example, if the baby is sitting up, pop a blanket and pillow beside them in case they fall.

Avoid sharp edges and choking hazards when thinking of new ideas for baby picture sessions.

Remember to secure each prop so little ones can’t grab ahold of it or get hurt.

What Should Baby Wear for Photos?

Credit: Denafi Sy

6-month baby photos are a popular way for parents to celebrate the baby’s milestones and capture a precious moment in time, so outfit choices are very important.

A cute dress is always a good option for little girls, while suspenders and pants are gorgeous on little guys.

While it’s great to have a more formal outfit selected, I recommend having 1-2 comfier outfits with onesies or stretchy clothes, too.

Of course, it depends on the shooting location or studio space and your overall vibe for the photo shoot.

For 6-month photography ideas with a colorful background, it’s best to keep baby clothes on the neutral side so they don’t clash.

I’ve taken many monthly photos where the baby looked absolutely precious in soft neutral shades like cream, oatmeal, and light blue/pink.

Whichever style and props you decide on, just keep in mind that 6-month babies will wiggle around and may try to crawl.

I recommend having 2-3 outfit changes total, as any more and little ones will start to lose patience.

Remember the six-month sign and any other accessories to go along with their outfits, too.

Baby Photoshoot Ideas: Final Words

I hope you’ve found inspiration in these 6-month baby photoshoot ideas. Your little boy or girl will look adorable no matter which photo style you choose.

After all, monthly baby photos give you a chance to get creative and use fun photo ideas to snap portraits you can cherish forever.

Don’t be afraid to show off your child’s personality and favorite stuffed animal or other toys in these pictures.

By planning the outfit, location, and props ahead of time, you can get the best shots of your baby, whether it be at home, in a studio, or out and about.

Don’t forget to grab a few shots with parents and/or siblings to add to the baby book.

So, whether you go for flowers or balloons, cake or bubbles, just remember natural lighting and accessories to bring your ideal 6-month photo shoot to life.

Do you have any more 6-month baby photoshoot ideas? Let us know in the comments!

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