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How to Type on a Path in Photoshop (Make Text Follow Shapes)

Create eye-catching graphics easily, learn how to type on a Path, follow the steps this Photoshop Tutorial.

By Judyth Satyn

Knowing how to type on a Path in Photoshop is a must-know skill for designers.

Not only does it looks slick, but it quickly creates professional eye-catching graphics.

In this Photoshop Tutorial, you will learn how simple typing on Paths is. 

First, I’ll show you how to create a path using the Pen Tool.

Then, I’ll show you how to type on a path and how to edit the text on the path in Photoshop. 

Read on to learn how you can type on a path in Photoshop.

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How to Type on a Path in Photoshop (6 Steps)

Step 1 – Open the Image

Select the file you wish to edit and Open it in Photoshop.

Option 2 – Create a Path

Photoshop usually offers more than one way to complete tasks, so there are a few options at our disposal to create a path selection.

In the Tool Bar, select the Pen Tool, or use the keyboard shortcut Press P.

You can select from a variety of Pens in the drop-down menu beside the Pen tool and use the default Pen Tool.

Use the Zoom Tool if you need a closer view of your path. 

Step 2 – Position Anchor Points

Once the Tool is selected, Click on the image to create the first Anchor Point of the Path.

The first anchor point will be represented by a blue dot.

Lift the Pen Tool (don’t drag) and Click on the canvas to create the second anchor point, a blue line will appear connecting the anchor points.

Where ever you click on the canvas using the Pen Tool, an anchor point will be created.

The default standard Pen Tool will default to create straight lines.

You can need a guide for your Path you can use a grid. 

Create Curved Lines-pen-tool

To create a curved line using the Pen Tool select the Curvature Pen Tool.

Step 3 – Close the Path 

To Close the Path, hover the Pen Icon over the first anchor point until a Small Circle appears beside the Pen Tool Pointer.

When the circle has appeared, Click on the First Anchor Point to close the path.


A blue line will outline a Shape, and a Work Path will appear in the Layers Panel.

When the Shape is selected, you can find the Path selection under Path in the Layers Panel.

Path in -layers-panel

If you would prefer a custom shape for your path, you can create a Path using the Shape Tools.

Step 4 – Edit the Path

You can edit the Path you have created, such as changing the fill color or outline, using the Path Selection Tool.

Select the Path Selection Tool from the Toolbar, or for the keyboard shortcut Press A.

Path Selection Tool

Customize the settings of the Path in the Path Selection Tool Options bar. 

Step 5 – Type on a Path

Select the Type Tool from the Tool Bar. 

Set the Style and the Size of the Type Tool in the Options Bar above the canvas window.

Select the Alignment of your text, left, right or central, and choose a Color.

Move your cursor over the Edge of the Path, when the Type Tool shows a Wavy Line, you will be able to type on the Path.


The Text will surround the Path Selection. 

Step 6 – Adjust the Text

To adjust the size, style, or color of the text, drag your cursor over the text and select the text you wish to change.

Make the adjustments in the Text Tool Options bar.

How do you make text follow a shape in Photoshop?

For this, you’ll need the Type on a Path tool. Here’s the process:

  1. Create a shape you want the text to follow by using the Pen tool or any other shape tool.
  2. Select Type on a Path, which can be found in the Type tool’s drop-down menu.
  3. Click on the shape you created, which should add a text cursor to it.
  4. Type your text and use the options bar to adjust the font, size, and color as you like.
  5. Once you have finished typing your text, you can use the Direct Selection tool to adjust the position of the text along the path, or the Type on a Path tool to adjust the text itself.
  6. You can also change the path of the text by selecting the shape. Then you can use the Direct Selection tool to move the points and adjust the shape if you prfer.
  7. You can also use the Warp Text option to make the text follow a more complex shape.

Then, have fun with Layer styles, Layer masks and blending options to make the text more visually appealing.

How do you Type on a Curved Line?

Typing on a curved line in Photoshop is similar to typing on a Path.

Select the Text Tool from the Toolbar.

Hover the Text Icon over the curved line you wish to type on, when the wavy line appears beside the Text Tool, you can begin to type.

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